Monday, January 5, 2009

Okay... I broke down and decided to order some Copics!!! I read that was a good place to order and has free shipping at $50 - they don't have a lot of colors in stock when I ordered but since I am starting at scratch it didn't matter :) So, I started my collection with 13 colors. I am so excited to play with them!!! Do you use Copics? What are your favorite colors and how do you store them!?!?!?

I have had company since 12/26 and I think my mom is staying till around 1/20 so not sure when I will get to play but I will be ready when the opportunity arises... in the meantime we have been getting a lot of things done around our new house :) Today we went to a lighting store and I am replacing every fixture in the living room, dining room, entry way, kitchen table light, hallway lights and even the light in the guest bathroom and the 2 fans in the living room - they are going to make a huge difference once they are up... now to decide on a new couch and a paint color...

Well, gotta run - out for Mexican tonight!!!


Takisha said...

what's up Adriane,
Finally broke down and got the copics huh?!! Way to go, I have some but have not used them as much as I thought. I wish I could take a class on using them.I've visited Marianne blog but I'm more hands on. When you find out how to store them let me know, right now I've just been laying them side ways. Are you doing the project 365from becky higgins? If you haven't go check out her blog. It's lots of drama right now about it cause CK website crashed and some who thought they got it before it sold out didn't.Anyway, I think I'm going to try it although I didn't get the kit. I'm making my own kit and will post once i'm finished stamping my stuff.
chat at cha later!