Lots of CHICKEN!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

So... did you know in downtown Cumming, GA there is a Tyson Chicken Plant? Well, they have a "discount" store (scary I know!) where you can buy 20lbs of boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $29!!!! What a great deal :) This week - while my mom is still here helping me - I decided to check it out... I guess they periodically have other things as well but I just wanted to try the ckn breasts and make some premade meals (like Dinner Done) to have in the freezer so I can just pop them in the oven. So, I defrosted 3 of the 4 bags (it came in 4 bags, 5lbs each). This is what I made with it...

(3) Quart size freezer bags cut up in bite size/stir fry size
(1) Quart size freezer bag cut up in bite size/stir fry and seasoned in taco spices
(2) 5x8 aluminum pans of chicken tenders coated with italian seasoning and parmasean
(1) 5x8 aluminum pan of chicken tenders coated with honey mustard and panko
(2) 5x8 aluminum pans of Buffalo Chicken tenders
(2) 5x8 aluminum pans of Feta & Spinach Chicken breasts
(3) 5x8 aluminum pans of Chicken Enchilada Casserole
(2) Chicken Pot Pies using 9" Pie Crusts

Additionally, we bought a pork loin and cut it into 8 pork chops and I covered them with Brie and Dijon mustard (yum) and packaged them 2 in a pan - 4 more meals... and last week we made up 3 large pans of Shephards Pie for my cousins high school Robotics Club meeting so I made a few of those in smaller containers from my freezer as well!!! So... my freezer in the basement/workshop area is starting to fill up!!!

Thanks to Jenn also for giving me directions and the hours to the Tyson place :)

Enjoy - here are a few pics too of my freezer and of the beautiful Ckn Pot Pies


Scrappin and Yappin said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea but I thought you shouldn't refreeze chicken unless you cook it first. Are these meals already cooked?

Scrappin and Yappin said...

Oh and by the way, your pies look fabulous! Looks like a picture out of Martha Stewarts Magazine! :)

Kimberly said...

That's pretty cool... what a great deal!!! :)

Jenn in GA said...

would you be willing to share recipes? i'm particularly interested in the honey mustard and panko crusted chicken and the pot pie. i have the same question as scrappin' and yappin'...is the chicken cooked and then frozen, ready for quick reheating?

Adriane Kelly Winchester said...

Thanks! I had fun making them. The chicken was actually seriously fresh less than 24 hours before I bought it but was then flash frozen until I bought it and defrosted it which only took a few hours... all the chicken you buy in the grocery is usually frozen before they thaw it for you to buy then refreeze... additionally my mom used to work for a store that made premade meals and they did it this way as well. Some of the meals I did cook the chicken before I packaged them but the majority was refrozen - we've had some and noone has gotten sick - so, I think its fine :) Jenn in GA, I'll email you some recipes, but mostly I just threw them together with no actual recipe :)

Kim Davis said...

I want the recipes too!!