Last Day in March

Monday, March 31, 2008

Wowzers! March 31st all ready :) So, what have you done this month??? I've decided to keep track of my projects/layouts so at the end of the month I can feel good about what I accomplished. So, for March I did 6 Traditional Scrapbook Layouts and 6 Digi Layouts PLUS my Pirate Album from the Tampa Bay Scrapbook Treasure Hunt... not bad I'd say :) We will see what April brings... I only have 23 days as I leave on the 24th for New Orleans!!!! I am working on something now...

Just a little fun - What flavor are you???

Friday, March 28, 2008

You're as popular and relaxing as vanilla ice cream. You go with the flow, and get along with all sorts of people. You appreciate peace and simplicity, so you sometimes find crowds and loud noises overwhelming. You are a chilled-out, calming influence on the people in your life, and your friends appreciate how supportive and flexible you are.

Digi Layout - Week 4

Its our last week of class. I have really enjoyed it, I can't wait til June when part 2 starts!!! This is my layout from week 4 (still have the midweek assignment to do). I decided to venture out a little and use the digi paper that I bought last week and do another page for my Ireland book - do you like it???

This week has gone by so fast... Monday started off great and now its Friday with nothing really to show. Tuesday, I was in bed all day for being sick, seriously drugged myself up so felt a little better Wednesday but had to work for my dad. Thursday flew by with running some errands and doing some shopping at Old Navy and today went by pretty fast too! Tomorrow seems to be the day to wrap up some household stuff (NEW outdoor speakers to install, woo hoo!) along with finishing my pharmacy certifications for my continuing education and then start studying for my massage boards... busy busy busy... not to mention the CTMH things I want to do. I have 3 cards done for my April Workshop so far, they are super cute!!! Stay tuned :)

Layout - Easter 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

I also finished my Easter 2008 layout this evening :) I have decided that instead of always going back and trying to crop in somewhat order (still in 2006) that I am going to always do current then go back and catch up - therefore one day maybe I will be caught up - I know wishfull thinking... LOL - Enjoy. I used 3 bugs in a rug papers on this layout and the Cricut/George font.

Planting flowers today...

What a windy/chilly day... we had to drop off the Liberty today for some new tires, UGH! On our way home we decided to stop at Lowes, while Tracy was getting some cables/jacks/connectors or whatever, I decided to browse the garden area... I bought some Yellowjacket Roses, Double Impatients basket and something else that has white flowers on them, lol. So, when I got home, I played in the dirt, planted all those and then played on the back porch for a while with my herbs. I still need to plant some stuff in my Earthboxes though... maybe later this week :) Here is a picture I took of our front porch - see my beautiful flowers!!!!

digi layout - Christ Church

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I worked on this layout today using a free template I downloaded from Jen Caputo. There is so much you can do digi just like traditional scrapbooking where you can make it as easy or as difficult as you want... in my first week of digi we used premade sorta layouts where we just added some pictures, text and some other embellies, then last week we did a page from scratch therefore you can use your own imagination on your design. This one was using a predone template but can use whatever papers, etc that you want instead of the other premade layout where you could only really change the color or whatever... I literally did this layout in less than an hour because I had to choose what pictures I wanted to use. I also bought my first digi paper online (only $2!) its amazing how much is FREE out there!!! I decided that I am going to digi document our trip to Ireland and have it bound into a book - therefore I needed to find (or buy) some green, irelandish kinda paper... Do you like it?

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you had, having or will be having a super fabuloso day :) DH and I had a nice quiet morning which involved sleeping in, french toast and easter baskets will yummy candy... not too much but just enough, although DH forgot to buy me PEEPS!!!! I hope Target will have some tomorrow, LOL. This afternoon we are headed to my SIL's for a yummy dinner followed by an Egg Hunt for the kidoo's! Maybe even a little Wii... I'll add a pic on here later :) Enjoy the day - I hope it gets a little sunnier outside today!

Saturday - a little off-roading!!!

So, yesterday since the weather was a little crappy here in Florida... DH and I were planning on going to Bok Tower to see the Gardens and such - but decided to wait for a nicer day to fully appreciate it. So, we were thinking of something to do when DH's friend Earl called and said he was going off-roading!!! So, we decided to go get the jeep dirty :) It was a crappy day out there too since it was raining off and on the entire time - but thats what makes the mud holes fun!!! Can you believe this green eclipse with those huge tires :) He got stuck in the hole out in the mud multiple times - hilarious!!! The blue truck is Earls... he got caught on a tree trunk or something out there, but went in reverse and was fine - we actually took the Jeep thru there on the way back. We had so much fun, minus the rain... (tip-next time bring a hat!!! Oh, and a towel, AND toilet paper or something... ugh!)

layout - TBSTH 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

I guess I am on a roll today... I woke up 2 hours earlier than usual (went to bed 2 hour earlier) and seriously got a lot done today!!! I just finished this layout from last week when I was doing the Tampa Bay Scrapbook Treasure Hunt... its a little too busy, but I like it :) Enjoy!

layout - st. patricks day 2008!!!

Seems that I am on the ball... although that is seriously
not the case :) I just had a little inspiration from a layout
that I saw at "The Doodle" and wanted to make it... so it
was sorta a quick one - I really like how it turned out :)
The papers and stickers are all from Reminisce.... Enjoy!

Digi Class - Week 3/Lesson3

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This one was definitely more time consuming to do... everything was from scratch and lots of layers :) I think it turned out pretty cute! What do you think???
This is when my SIL Kari, and 3 other friends - Danielle, Leslie and Brenda - went to CKU in Orlando (October 2007). We had an awesome experience and hope to attend CKU next year :)

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I hope everyone enjoyed the day - wearing green, being Irish and maybe drinking some green beer... We haven't gone out for Paddy's Day in a few years, so wanted to this year. I saw online that Bok Tower in Lake Wales was having an Irish dinner and a string quartet concert, so we decided to do that... needless to say it was a lot smaller than we thought and were like the youngest ones there! We had a great time, meet some nice couples, the food was good, and the concert was amazing!!! Here are a few pictures I took tonight :) Happy St. Patricks Day - I love being Irish - next year there might be a party at the Winchester House!!! xoxoox

TBSTH - I finished!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

So, my SIL and I decided to do the Tampa Bay Scrapbook Treasure Hunt :) We finished YESTERDAY - A DAY EARLY!!! What is that you say? Well, we had 15 stores in like 5 counties to visit in 10 days, spend $5 in each store, we got a goodie bag at each store, a handmade tag to put on our beads and got to make a 6x6 page to put in our 6x6 Pirates in Paradise Album that we got in our tote bag when we joined!!! Lots of fun :) I am almost done with my album... I only have the last page to do (totaling my receipts, ugh, and the miles we drove!) and the back cover to cover with different paper :) Here are a few pics!!!!

Digi Layout - Week 2 - Lesson 2

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yes, another Digi! I have been working on my Pirate Album too from the Tampa Bay Scrapbooking Treasure Hunt... more on that this weekend!!! Anyways, I just finished my layout from Week 2, Lesson 2 and wanted to post :) This is my nephew Cooper when we went camping in Homasassa Spring back in January... Loving the Digi but my butt and back hurts from sitting at my desk for 2 hours... xooxoxo Enjoy!

Friday, March 21 CTMH Workshop!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

When - next Friday, March 21st, anytime that is good for you between 11am and 9pm or so!!!!

Where - my home in Brandon - Providence Lakes

Here are the samples of the cards and layout that we will be making :)

Cards - (5), $8 OR Double layout - $8 OR both for $15

Snacks, soda, sweet tea, wine and spirits will be served!!!

RSVP - I only have room for 4-6 at the dining room table at a time and I recommend at least 1 hour - 1 1/2 hours per project... I will need to precut everything for you as well so please let me know if possible by next Tuesday/Wednesday - Thanks!!! See you soon :)

CTMH Dates to SAVE!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Just wanted to get these dates out there....
  • March Workshop - March 21st, Fri.
  • April Workshop - April 18th, Fri.

** New Summer Cattie Open House & Workshop Date - May 16th**


Here are the samples from my swap using the March CTMH SOM called Simple Beauty - only available during March so if you want it (or need it!) let me know and I can order it for you OR you can place an order thru my website and it will ship directly to you (the shipping is just a little more). Enjoy...

Layout - Sonoma Valley

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Still working on some layouts from our Sonoma Valley trip back in March of 2006... here are 2 more that I completed! I only have 2 more to go and finish up some journaling on them :) Enjoy!

My 2nd Digi layout

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another digi layout... tried to do this one from memory, but had to look back at some tutorials :) I figured it out though, the layers are something new that I have to remember... I was wondering why my words weren't showing up, LOL! This is fun, but what am I going to do with them!?!!??? .... off to finish up my traditional layouts that have been sitting on my table since last week, I needed to buy some purple paint and I got some today, along with some stickles, woo hoo!!!! I have tomorrow to play so look out for some layouts and cards :)

My first DIGI layout!!!

OMG, I did it :) When I got my (our) new camera, a month or so ago... I also wanted to start using Photoshop. I signed up for a class with Jessica Sprague ( the beginner one, Up and Running with Photoshop. It is a 4 week course and you get an email everyday and each week you have a lesson/assignment then there are bonus assignments and free downloads... its only the 3rd day!!! Anyways, I finished Lesson 1 and I am really happy with it, not enough to switch over to all DIGI but different none the less :) I hope you like....

Camping - Crystal River

Monday, March 3, 2008

Almost caught up on my posts... LOL! Tracy and I went camping with my parents this weekend in Crystal River. We left Friday morning and got home Sunday afternoon. It was a gorgeous weekend, a little chilly at bedtime but we had a little heater in our tent so it wasn't too bad. The only bad thing was the damn bugs... I got like 100 bites all over my arms, legs and chest, UGH!!! We played some cards, shuffleboard, bocce ball... and cooked some good food, shrimp, chili, hot dogs, cornbread, etc :) The water was our little view from our campsite... it was a very relaxing weekend... can't wait till next time!!!

Anniversary #4 - February 27th

Wow! 4 years ago Tracy and I were married... actually feels longer than that!!! Is that a good thing or a bad thing?!?!!? LOL, J/K!!!! Since it was the day after we got back we just vegged all day :) Tracy actually took the remainder of last week off to regroup and we planned on going camping Friday morning.... We did go out to dinner - my favorite - Melting Pot :) Oh, so good :) xoxoxo

Ireland - Day 6, Feb. 25th

Last day... boo hoo! This was our longest day of driving and was also the worst day for rain!!! We left Shannon and headed towards Waterford (3 hours?) to see the Waterford Crystal :) It was so awesome to see the production lines. The majority of them get paid by the piece and the standards are really high... they don't even sell seconds! Its also a 5-10 year program :) Here are a few pictures during our tour and me outside freezing my butt off!!!! Also, along our 3 hour trip back to Dublin we saw this Abbey along the road, so we stopped, it was drizzling and cold but glad we got out of the car to take some pictures... our last stop for photos in Ireland!!!

Ireland - Day 5, Feb. 24th

Day 5... a long day... we drove down to the Ring of Kerry - so many beautiful pictures that I can't even post them all!!! First we drove thru Dunlup Gap, alot of bicylists and hikers, its a one way road so it was tricky when another car wanted to pass us... it was so peaceful! My favorite area was here by the water, Rossbeigh the arial view is from the mountains that you see in the other picture! We also stopped at the Bog Village, old thatched cottages that represent how they used to live...

Ireland - Day 4, Feb. 23rd

3 more days to go... Day 4 and 5 were our prettiest days :) We checked out of Castlebar/Breaffy House and started to make our way down to the Shannon area where our next hotel was at. We drove thru an area called the Burren, then thru a town called Lehinch which was a really cool town right on the coast and people were surfing, yes surfing in 40 degree weather!!! Next was our stop at the Cliffs of Moher, so awesome! The Cliffs are HUGE :) It was a little misty while we were there and unbelievably windy but as you can see it was so worth it!!! We then made our way over/up (whatever) to Doolin, another cool little town... Tracy and I went in the Doolin Cave, which has the largest stalagmite in the world that is viewable (there are 2 others but not open to the public) while Tracys parents went into a nearby pub and listened to music, there was a little festival going on... unfortunatly by the time we got to the pub there was no more music for a little while and it was wall to wall people in that little pub so we decided to head on to Shannon before it got too late so we could find the hotel, which we did without a problem that night and ended up eating in the pub at the hotel - another great day :)