Ireland - Just a note!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wow... time sure does fly... I will be posting for each day of what we did with some pictures, but seems it will have to wait till I get home. So, this is just a note... The first morning while my curling iron was plugged into the converter, it started smoking and then popped (now we have NO converter, ugh!) Thank God nothing caught on fire, but needless to say, my hair has looked like CRAP all week (I have been wearing a hat to keep my ears warm, lol) ... it has been very windy and pretty cool though this week, it has drizzled off and on, but has not altered any of our plans and have not pulled out the umbrellas once!!! Oh, and today was beautiful!!!! We drove the Ring of Kerry all the way around :) Here is a picture from today... I will give the low down of the day soon :) We'll be back Tuesday afternoon, xoxoxoo