Ireland - Day 1 - Feb. 20th

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh my, what a day! NOTE - Do not drive in Dublin! You will get lost and you will lose your temper, LOL :) We had a good day even though we all only got like 2 hours of sleep on the plane (p.s. Aer Lingus Airline rocks! We got a full course dinner and breakfast!) and got lost a lot today, the signage is not good here in the city, so lets home tomorrow once we leave the city we don't get too lost! It is almost 8pm here (5 hours difference) and I will be in bed within the next 30 minutes.... here are a few pictures from today - The first picture is of Tracy and his parents, Jerry and Gloria, we are outside the Guiness Factory/Storehouse, the second one is of the Christ Church and the last is me and Tracy and the top of the Guiness Storehouse where you get your free pint of guiness and have a 360degree view of Dublin... very cool!!!! Off to bed....