IKEA Orlando is open!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh my, I may have lost my mind... I have been waiting for Ikea to open FOREVER! When I found out the date and my mom decided she wanted to go - we were ready for an adventure. We left Palm Harbor with my dad driving the RV at 6am on Tuesday and arrived at Ikea at 8am and ready to rough it for 25 hours :) We were #42/43 in line, which means we were in the first 100 and got a FREE Poagg chair/cusion - its so cool, just need to decide where the hell I am going to put it! The day went by with no problem... walked around, watched a group play frisbee, football and 4 square, quite entertaining. There was a sponsered bingo game and pictionary game during the day too - we played, I won at bingo and got a little pillow that came in handy for my butt during the night, LOL. All was fine and dandy till about 10pm when we tried to fall asleep, realizing that the above lights were not going to be shut off so it was so bright and a group of loud girls did not shut up till about 12:30am. I think we slept on and off from about 1am - 4am, then at like 5am we start hearing helicopters and the Star Wars theme music... and coffee/doughnuts arrived :) lots of tv cameras/photographers/reporters (I may be in the UF Alligator, anyone get a copy of that?lol) we got our space cleaned up and ourselves and were then moved over at 6am to our new home in front of the doors where we got free water bottles, frisbees and a tshirt that doesn't fit me... listened to The Star Spangled Banner, the Swedish anthem and America the Beautiful as they rose the flags (very touching). Finally 9am rolled around and we were aloud inside... did I mention that I LOVE IKEA... 4 hours later, after we ate yummy swedish meatballs and chocolate cake for lunch and $220 later we were out of there :) So much fun! I bought mostly for my stamproom/studio but also got some stuff for my guest bathroom, a few gifts, new water glasses for the kitchen and some food goodies... they didn't have any Christmas stuff out yet, so i hope to go back before Christmas :) I can't wait til the one in Tampa opens, I hear 2009!!!!