Busch Estate Party on St. Pete Beach

Monday, November 12, 2007

Wow! What a great weekend :) My husband does a little computer consulting on the side and this company he has been doing work for was hosting a weekend party and we were invited as guests!!! It was at the Anhesher Busch Estate on St. Pete Beach :) a 19 million dollar estate that is for sale... The party kicked off on Friday night with our limo ride to the house and lots of good food (see ice sculputure with raw oysters and shrimp cocktail) more food, great music, hilarious comedian... on Saturday we were able to pick an activity that was paid for, we choose the spa - we stayed at the Tradewinds - we had a massage, facial and a manicure, so relaxing! Then another yummy dinner on Saturday night on the beach at the Tradewinds - i was so tired i didn't get to enjoy it as much as i'd like, but the food was so good!!!!