Cheap Trick!?!?

Friday, November 2, 2007

So, while we were in Las Vegas - the City of Sin :) LOL The last night of the Citrix Iforum (my husbands convention he attended) there is usually a concert of some sort... 2 years ago it was Bilushi (can't spell) this year was Cheap Trick! I wasn't too familiar with their songs so prior to leaving I made sure I downloaded some. Jade and I had to buy guest passes to attend the opening and closing events since we were not attendee's. It was unlimited food and wine/beer so that made up for it... The concert was at The Beach @ Mandalay Bay, where apparently freaky things happen :) well since the IT world is mostly "nerdy guys" it wasn't going to get too wild, LOL. The stage was over the water - so a few peeps starting walking out in it (really old nerdy dudes that totally remember Cheap Trick!) We were getting pretty tipsy (Tracy, my cousin Jade and 2 of Tracy's coworkers) so I decided to roll up my damn jeans and drag Jade in the water to have a little adventure... it was fun :) we ditched the party early and stopped at the bar on the way out, as you can see we double/tripled up on our beverages! We looked like total lushes walking around the casino with 2 drinks (heheehe). We ended up at the Kitty Cat Club where really slutty girls were trying to sing and dance, it was really bad and it was at Mandalay Bay... well we just drank and danced - it was a good time! Tracy will have to tell you about losing the wallet story!!!! Enjoy the pics :) I have video too, but can't upload them on here :)