Biloxi Rocks!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I think I love Biloxi! Its a lot smaller than Vegas of course - I think there is like 7 Casinos, we only went to 5 this past weekend. DH and I drove up there with my parents, its only an 8 hour drive. We stayed at Isle of Capri as that's where we could get the cheapest room - it was okay - but we decided we really liked the Hard Rock so we played alot there in hopes of getting comped in the future, LOL! We left Friday morning and came back Monday night - the perfect amount of time to be there. Saturday we did take a little drive down the coast and saw the lighthouse, along with these awesome birds that were carved out of dead trees from Hurricane Katrina - some had different animals carved as well. Speaking of Hurricanes, we almost cancelled our trip because of Ike... but with it continuing to go west we decided to chance it. We had like no rain whatsoever! When we first got there it was high tide so one of the bridges were closed because of flooding but once we got to our hotel (the first floor of the parking garage was flooded too) we were fine and had no more issues... didn't even lose power or hear rain, although i am sure we probably wouldn't have heard it anyways with all the slots making so much noise, LOL. Anyways, we had a great time and looking forward to going back soon!!!! I didn't take too many pictures during the weekend but here are a few - plus it was my moms birthday on Sunday!!!!