Bessler Wedding.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Great weekend! DH and I headed down to St. Pete Beach on Friday morning for my cousin Melissa's wedding... checked into the hotel - Blind Pass Resort - I do not recommend staying at this hotel, it is run by very strict management and they kicked out a bunch of people! Anyways, we hung out by the pool till about 4pm and then got cleaned up for the Wedding. The ceremony was at St. John Vianney Church on St. Pete Beach. It was beautiful! Afterward she had a box of butterflies and released them... so awesome! The reception was then at the new Treasure Island Tennis and Yacht Club, very nice. They had this ice sculpture that they poured the martini mix thru and you catch it in your glass, here is DH catching his... there was dancing too! We made our way back to the hotel by midnight but hung out chatting (and drinking) till about 2am??? By that time I was drinking these Pomagrante Raspberry Bartles and James thing (normally don't drink wine coolers!) and my tongue was as red as a fire hydrant (those pictures have been permantely deleted!!!) Anyways, it was a beautiful wedding! Congrats to Melissa and Ryan Bessler xoxoxoxo who are on there way to the islands.... Yesterday, we went to Derby Lane with my parents, sister and husband, and my aunt and uncle (parents of the bride). I should have brought my camera in but didn't. It was fun, I hadn't gone in years and DH had never been. We plan on going back again of course - we won $50!!!! Love those doggies :) Hope you are having a great weekend...


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