Saturday - a little off-roading!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

So, yesterday since the weather was a little crappy here in Florida... DH and I were planning on going to Bok Tower to see the Gardens and such - but decided to wait for a nicer day to fully appreciate it. So, we were thinking of something to do when DH's friend Earl called and said he was going off-roading!!! So, we decided to go get the jeep dirty :) It was a crappy day out there too since it was raining off and on the entire time - but thats what makes the mud holes fun!!! Can you believe this green eclipse with those huge tires :) He got stuck in the hole out in the mud multiple times - hilarious!!! The blue truck is Earls... he got caught on a tree trunk or something out there, but went in reverse and was fine - we actually took the Jeep thru there on the way back. We had so much fun, minus the rain... (tip-next time bring a hat!!! Oh, and a towel, AND toilet paper or something... ugh!)