Ireland - Day 4, Feb. 23rd

Monday, March 3, 2008

3 more days to go... Day 4 and 5 were our prettiest days :) We checked out of Castlebar/Breaffy House and started to make our way down to the Shannon area where our next hotel was at. We drove thru an area called the Burren, then thru a town called Lehinch which was a really cool town right on the coast and people were surfing, yes surfing in 40 degree weather!!! Next was our stop at the Cliffs of Moher, so awesome! The Cliffs are HUGE :) It was a little misty while we were there and unbelievably windy but as you can see it was so worth it!!! We then made our way over/up (whatever) to Doolin, another cool little town... Tracy and I went in the Doolin Cave, which has the largest stalagmite in the world that is viewable (there are 2 others but not open to the public) while Tracys parents went into a nearby pub and listened to music, there was a little festival going on... unfortunatly by the time we got to the pub there was no more music for a little while and it was wall to wall people in that little pub so we decided to head on to Shannon before it got too late so we could find the hotel, which we did without a problem that night and ended up eating in the pub at the hotel - another great day :)