I watched my nephew...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I've never watched anyone (childwise) overnight before and I offered to watch my 16 mo. old nephew last week. Well, my sister took me up on it (I think she was very nervous). Well, Brayden arrived on Saturday afternoon. We played, went for a walks, took naps, went swimming, ate yummy food, watched some movies... had a good time and he only cried 3 times (2 of those times was when my sister would call and check on him and I left him with my hubby, he didn't want me to leave the room) It was a good weekend. My family came over on Monday for a cookout and my sister took him home. I talked to her today and she tells me that I spoiled him... what are aunts for???? Here are a few pics from the weekend :) P.S. That is my sister letting him go thru the cat door on my back porch - next time he comes over i think he will wonder why i don't fit thru there anymore, LOL