Saturday & Sunday

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It was a great weekend! We could have not asked for better weather... seems its going to get colder this week also :) We looked at new property again yesterday, the subdivision we liked didn't have anymore basement models available but we wanted to look at additional floorplans so we did some driving to other subdivisions by the same builder to see them, fun times. I did end up liking a different model - that was actually the cheapest, LOL! Then last night we had dinner with my cousins Jade and Jessica and her DH T.J. then after the worst service EVER at Applebees we went to my other cousin Chrissy's house that I haven't seen in years and visited with her and her DH Nathan - it was a nice evening. I can't wait to move up here! This morning we had a slow start but drove around a few other neighborhoods... then went on a boat ride - my uncle Mark has a huge Pontoon boat - so 10 of us headed out for a ride and had some yummy hotdogs on the grill we cooked on the boat :) I only took the little camera on the boat and it didn't seem to take any good pictures today probably because of the sun and I didn't have any good angles... anyways here is one with my 2 favorite cousins that I love dearly!!!

Tomorrow (Monday) I will be heading out with a realtor to look at some existing properties... wish me luck!


Kimberly said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend :o)