Happy Birthday Tracy!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today is my husbands birthday - number 34!!! After mulitiple options to do today since we had the majority of the day we decided to head down to Sarasota and go to the Ringling Museum. OMG! There is so much to do there... I seriously thought we'd be done in like 2 hours because neither one of us are "museum" type people. We stopped at Friendly's for lunch, yummy, got down there about 1:30 and didn't leave till amost 6pm :) There was the Museum of Art (tons of art), the Circus Museum, Ca d'Zan (the winter residence of the Ringlings, so beautiful!), the rose garden, the Learning Center and probably something else that I am forgetting... anyways it was awesome and I totally recommend it! On our way home we stopped at Miller's Amish restruant for dinner - that was pretty yummy too :) Of course I took tons of pictures - enjoy :)


Kimberly said...

Sounds ad an awesome time :o) Happy Belated Birthday to Tracy :o)

Christy said...

Happy Bday to Tracy. It sounds like your day was wonderful. The pictures looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.