Universal Studios

Friday, June 13, 2008

We were able to attend a Private Party at Univeral Studios last night! All attendees at the Microsoft Tech-Ed got tickets to get into Universal Studios from 8-midnight for FREE of course - I had to buy a guest pass. It was so awesome - all the concession booths were open plus tables of beer/wine were set up everywhere... everything was FREE - how awesome is that? Just walk up to a stand and get a corn dog, slushie, coke, water, prezel - and you don't have to pay - it was great!!! We hadn't been to US in many many years so basically all the rides were new... let me say the new Simpsons ride is awesome and the Mummy roller coaster was awesome too!!! It was great not waiting long in the lines either... anyways, those 4 hours went by so fast.... a great night until I got light headed and almost passed out in the T2 ride :( seems I may have been dehydrated again... UGH!!!!


Jenn said...

Girl, you need to be careful with that dehydration thing! Hope you're feeling better and glad you had a good time!