Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I think today was a very productive day! My friend Kim hired me to do a 9x9 scrapbook of her recent family vacation - I finished 5 pages today!!! I am using the new CTMH Sasprilla paper because her vacation is TN, SC and NC and so the paper is matching perfectly with the pictures! I will post a few pictures of the album when I am done :)

Also, I must say that I dispise SNAKES!!! I have serious nightmares about them and think they are going to come in thru the cat door in the kitchen and strangle me to death in my sleep.... just 30 minutes ago, I was walking into the kitchen to put dinner in the oven and low and behold I see a snake - thank god it was outside because seriously everyone in the neighborhood would have heard me scream if it was in the house - it was on the backporch by the pool, the cats didn't even seem bothered by it at all, probably thought it was a lizard on steriods!!! So, I scream a little and my husband comes out with a shovel (the same shovel that he used to kill a possum last year!) well, after like 15 minutes of the damn snake dancing around like Michael Jackson or something in and out of the pool, DH finally thought to drown the Son of a B&*&% and then he cut him and there was snake blood... so nasty that I almost lost my appetite :) LOL... How was your day?!?!!?


Anonymous said...

why didn't he just catch it and put it in the yard? Is there yucky snake blood in the pool??? GROSS!

Adriane said...

LOL - I didn't see any snake blood in the pool... thank god! There was no way my husband was going to try to catch it... LMAO :)

Shelley said...

ewwwwww I have had a couple of snakes in the screened area but never any in the pool. that would throw me into orbit. now, the real question... WHO took those pics?? LOL