Homassassa Springs

Monday, January 21, 2008

Well, we ended up going camping last weekend but didn't get to spend as much time there as we wanted. By the time we got up to Homassassa on Friday night it was dark!!! Then we had to set up the tent in the dark, LOL, thank goodness everyone had lanterns and helped us.... we had chili and brats on the grill for dinner - yummy! I love campfires and I can't believe the new camera took such great pictures in the dark (I am already loving our new camera). Tracy and I slept pretty well in our "huge" tent (its a 8 person tent!) except poor Brayden cried 1/2 the night and even though they were in a popup camper (a new purchase) we still heard him (note:pack earplugs next time) but the sleeping bags were very comfy and we slept well! Saturday it was a bit overcast but the weather was comfortable... we had eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast, then had a nice leisurely walk up to the water to check out the pontoon boats (something for next time), playground so the boys could play, then back to the campsite. Next was lunch time... we headed over to a great little seafood restraunt on the water, another great leisurely walk :) after lunch it was time for the Ice Cream social at the clubhouse!!! We all got a sundae and got to choose what we wanted on it - sooooo good!!!! By the time we got back to the campsite it started getting really windy and we heard there was a tornado warning... so we turned on the weather and saw there were tons of bands of heavy rain and since we were in a tent, we decided to pack it up and head home.... boy were we tired when we got home, it just hit us.... slept for like 10 hours!!!! We can't wait to go out camping again. Next time we are looking at Ginnie Springs so Tracy can go scuba diving into the spring :) Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend...